I can’t quite decide if I prefer ladies’ holiday falling in the week or at the weekend. On the one hand, if it falls at the weekend, I don’t miss much yoga, but on the other hand, I get less lie-in’s in the week; which is an issue at the moment as all the moondays seem to be at weekends too. Anyway, it doesn’t matter that much at all!

I have today booked a flight to Ibiza for a week. I was seriously running out of ideas and inspiration for what to do with my week of leave, and felt that if I didn’t book a flight somewhere, I wouldn’t end up leaving London at all. So, I head off to the sunshine next Saturday – hooray. I have found a possible yoga option too, at a reatreat I have been to before, so I’ll give them a call tomorrow and see what the score is. Now, all I need to worry about is getting my desk clear next week.