Another half hour wait this morning, but calmed by the arrival of a friend of mine, so we could chat. She thinks the wait is good for me – how very yogic šŸ˜‰

Practice was pretty exhausting. I haven’t been to bed early all week, and I really felt like I was paying for it this morning. To make matters worse, my mobile phone had worked its way right under my head in the night and when the alarm went off I woke up with quite a start!

I actually found being in the shala quite calming today, I think this is very dependent on the light, temperature and the number of people hanging around. Some mornings when it is dingy and clammy I don’t get such good vibes. I even managed to get through the door and into the changing cubicle without my glasses steaming up too much today – although I imagine that is probably because it is warmer outside, rather than an indication of the humidity in the shala. Still, it’s nice to be able to see clearly.

My friend told me that someone at the shala asked her if she was a particular blogger – she couldn’t remember which one it was. I am now wondering how many people are blogging at AYL? I only know two others.