Today I did just over half of my practice, whilst clock-watching. Working at my own pace, I got to Janu A in 35 minutes. The half hour wait this morning was not ideal. However, on a plus point, missing out 9 postures and 15 half vinyasas left me with lots of strength and hence, backbends felt good.

If only the busy-ness of the shala was in any way predictable. Tomorrow, I may try and arrive at the shala at 6.30… wah. I am beginning to think that ashtanga is an antisocial addiction. Going to bed at around 10pm is pretty restrictive, going to bed at 9.30, really is ridiculous. I left work early yesterday (6pm) in order to see a friend and her new baby. I had to leave her at 9 just to be able to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I also seem to be loosing the faith of a good friend because I just have no time for her. Really, work is the problem, not yoga, but in her mind, yoga is something that can be modified, whereas work isn’t (unless you work less hours).

So how do I deal with this? I am in a quandry. Next week, the shala might be quiet, and starting practice at 7 a reality, but what if it isn’t? Getting up earlier is not ideal either. Working shorter hours is not practical. Sitting for half an hour waiting for a spot to practice is not good for my blood-pressure – it stresses me to sit doing nothing in the morning, when in the evening I barely have time to reply to personal e mails and get my laundry done. Sigh.