I had to do a really fast practice this morning. I was unlucky that 3 of us arrived at 7, all descending on the door within seconds of each other. I was the last of the three, and ended up waiting 20 minutes to start. As I needed to be in the office by 9 I had to really zoom though practice and managed to do all the poses and vinyasas up to supta K in 40 minutes. I actually overtook the first of the three people who arrived with me – ok, ok, I know it’s not a race. I did get to work by 9, but I felt quite aggravated after practice, which I suspect was a combination of the wait to start and the fact that I didn’t relax into any of the poses at all. Hopefully tomorrow will be quieter, but at least I don’t have such time pressure tomorrow.

Oh, London Life, how I love you. It was nice to be in Cambridge at the weekend and appreciate a slightly slower pace of life. I met my dad for a coffee and he phoned me 5 minutes before hand to confirm the venue with me, and he still arrived on time, just by jumping on a bicycle. I suppose it’s all swings and roundabouts though – when I arrived in Cambridge (an hour late – thanks National Express) the last bus to my friends had left at 6.30pm, the first ‘night bus’ didn’t run till 7.50pm…. not so good.