This was the entry from my blog from this time last year :

Is less, more?

I have been pondering over the aches and pains that I find in my body from doing yoga…. is the yoga creating them, or is the awareness of the body, through yoga, bringing them to my attention?

If I were to stop doing yoga for a few days, a week, a month, would my hip stop hurting, would my hamstrings stop nagging me, would my wrist make a full recovery? Am I addicted to yoga, is my practice an attachment that I should let go and give my body time to heal?

Since February, my left hip has got tighter and tighter, for a while I thought it might be easing up, and to some extent, the original pain I felt did dissipate, but left a nagging pain which yells at me to stop whether I rotate my leg outwards in Lotus, or inwards. After Andrew Epplers mammoth workshop last weekend, I felt some stiffness in the same place in the other hip, but as with standard muscle stiffness, it has receded.

It is quite interesting to read this because now, although I still have tight hips, and tight shoulders and a rubbish Supta K, nothing hurts any more. Finally, my shoulder has pretty much stopped hurting. That was my longest lasting pain and I was contemplating it during practice yesterday. I am not sure why it has stopped hurting, but I have two theories:

The first is that L’s classes with all her wild postures, quite a few of which really seemed to hurt my shoulder, were really aggravating the problem, and now that I am just practising vanilla ashtanga, I don’t put strain on it any more.

My second theory is that jumping through was making it hurt. I used to always jump through straight legged, but as pointed out by David Swenson last year, lots of us when jumping through actually skew off to one side to make a little bit of extra room. I know that I used to slightly lift my right hand. Now, I just do cross-legged jump throughs and most of the time I can control them pretty well and straighten out my legs whilst still carrying my weight in my arms. I have noticed that my toe nails (and yes they are short) now leave me with permanently scratched wrists from where I swing my legs through my arms though.

Interestingly, I don’t seem to be able to jump through straight legged very well any more (I usually try and jump directly into Navasana) but I do keep both hands on the floor 🙂 It’s funny how quickly your body can un-learn something! The same has happened with jumping into handstand. I could do it in December, but now that I don’t practice it much, I seem to have lost the knack.