Well, I am in a better mood today, despite being in the office on a Saturday. I was so fed up of working yesterday that I left work at 5.30 and went for beers with a former colleague. That was lots of fun, although I proved myself to be a total lightweight and felt quite drunk after 4 or 5 half pints of Kronenbourg Blanc :-S. Because I scrambled out of the office so quickly, I still have lots of things to do, so have been pottering around my office tidying things up this morning and will soon (after 2.5 hours of procrastination) try and finish off a nasty case I am working on.

At 3.30 I am getting the bus to Cambridge to see a friend of mine; so my weekend isn’t devoid of social activities after all – Hooray. Then tomorrow, cinema in the afternoon and cards in the evening! And maybe some yoga (yoga kit is in overnight bag) … although I won’t make that AYL Sunday session just yet.