I drank coffee yesterday, to keep myself awake, and it worked. Not only did it keep me awake through the seminar I attended, but it also kept me awake at night. This was not pleasing, especially as last night was the first night I actually got to bed on time; but then I just lay there, buzzing.

This morning I feel grumpy. It’s funny how nothing in particular seems to set you up for a day. Maybe if the sun were shining I would feel happier. As it is, certain things are making me cross, they are not even real issues and I know it, but they are making me annoyed anyway. Plus it’s nearly the weekend, and I know I will need to do some work at some stage, and I don’t have much planned socially, which to be frank, is quite dull.

Practice was fine, it was a very quiet Friday in the shala. Back bends were a little better today, but H adjusted my Supta K, not L, and I think that makes the different.

Right, I am going to do some more work. BAH GRUMP GRUMP.