Yesterday the shala was quiet, and practice was OK. I was at the front of the main part of the room, and I have decided that I don’t like being there – I felt as though there were too many people around my, especially when in down dog and I could see all of these people moving around! Today I was in the part of the room where there is only one row of people, and I like this much better. It was again, really hot today, I hardly got any adjustments, but I hardly blame the adjusters as I was so sweaty, I wouldn’t have wanted to touch me!

As my Supta K gets deeper, my backbends get worse. It has been all I can do to get my body off the ground for the last couple of days; a combination of my mind not wanting to, and the discomfort in my lower back. Now I wish I had grasped Garba Pindasana when it was offered to me, as at least that gives the spine a bit of a massage.

I actually barely made it to practice today – I went to bed later than I had intended last night, then when the alarm went off I thought to myself that I might just go back to sleep for another hour (to prevent me sleeping in a seminar I am going to this afternoon!). I got as far as re-setting my alarm clock, but after a couple of minutes I got out of bed anyway. That is motivation! At least it’s Friday tomorrow. I am not liking these Saturday moondays – I need a morning off!!!