My brain is so crammed with information and things that I need to do, that I can’t remember what my practice was about by the time it gets to the evening. It feels a lifetime away.

So, the shala was quite quiet today – I wish I could get used to the trends of when it’s busy and when it’s not, but I just can’t. I also got a glimpse of V’s new chakra tattoo. It look cool, although I wish I had had my contact lenses in because with my myopic vision, I couldn’t get a great idea of the detail 😦

I have been working on doing my bhuja pindasana with my legs lower down my arms, I think it’s getting there. I am just trying to work out the optimal spot where I can get my face, rather than my forehead onto the mat, but still be able to get into the transition out of it without my feet jamming on the floor…. what fun. My back bending has been shocking all week.

Not sure if I will go to the shala or not tomorrow, I have a day off work as I have a friend coming over from Ireland. She is well aware of my yogic tendencies, but I don’t want to be a rude host.