I didn’t go to yoga this morning – I decided after yesterdays running efforts, that I deserved a break. See, I am practicing ahimsa.

Last night I went to bed and decided that I would just wait until my body woke me up, and if it was in time for practice, then I would go, but if it was later, I obvoiusly needed the rest. I woke up at 5am. I decided that I must go back to sleep, because even though I had woken up, I would not be functioning well for the rest of the day if I got out of bed. I did sleep till 7.15 in the end. I still had nagging thoughts about yoga, but have just let them go. In a continuted effort to be chilled, I also left work at 5pm. I had a very productive day, and felt like I deserved it. Now I am at home, feeling a bit at a loose end, even though there are still things that I could be doing.

Anyway, I shall get to bed nice and early, and then really enjoy my practice tomorrow morning. That’s the way it should be.