July 2007

So, today H gave me baddha konasana. Well, in fact he offered it, saw the expression on my face and said ‘do baddha konasana’. Concerns flashed through my mind remembering the considerable pain I had when I was last doing BK. So, I proceeded into the forward bend, 1….2….3.. this is going to be ok… 4…PING….5 oh damn it. Slowly released out, but no excruciating pain, well, good. On to backbends and closing sequence. From Matsyasana I uncrossed my legs to extend out for uttana padasana, and BAM, massive pain in left buttock. So, now my left buttock feels like someone is driving a hot stake into it, the day before I go on my yoga retreat. GREAT.

Hopefully BK will not be included in next week’s retreat, and even if it is, I don’t think I shall be doing it. Hopefully a week of relaxation and plenty of massage will ease it up again.

If anyone has any tips on how to protect yourself from this happening in BK, I would greatly appreciate them.


This mornings practice seems an eternity away. Another 5.30 start, which I suppose I am beginning to get used to, although I don’t really want to get into the habit of. I intend to start practising a little later on when back from holiday. It’s great to know you will most likely start immediately, but on days when the shala isn’t busy, there is no need. It was fairly busy this morning when I started, although at 8 when I finished, there were only 7 people left practising.

My practice wasn’t that great. I was right by the window and wasn’t really very warm. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, in fact it was quite pleasant not to be sweating like a pig! I knew that supta K just wasn’t going to happen, and H, intuitively didn’t even try and put me into it…. what a teacher knows. I hope to clear up most of my work today and have an easy day tomorrow, including a leisurely practice. Then holiday… bliss…

Another good practice today, despite continuing sleep deprivation. This morning public transport was a bit better too, so I was on the mat at 6.35 – no waiting and starting in the main practice area!!! H cranked me into another passable Supta K then threw the water spray bottle to me before walking off. Gaba Pindasana was actually fine, being as sweaty as I am, arms slid through no problem. The Kukkutasana at the end was another matter though because I was too slippery to stay on my arms. As soon as I put my hands down, my legs just slid downwards too. I expect I need a combination of bandhas and good luck to get this one correct!

I am officially addicted. This morning I got up at 5.30 to ensure both a comfortable yoga fix and my arrival in the office on time. Despite getting up 25 mins earlier, I only arrived at the shala 10 minutes earlier than usual – the transport seems to be a bit ropey leaving at 6. When I arrived, H joked with me that if I would like to wait a couple more minutes then there would be a queue for me to sit in.

My practice was nice, despite my earlier start. For the first time today H cranked me into a proper Supta K, instructing me to KEEP BREATHING and then offered me Gaba Pindasana tomorrow. Official progress. Hopefully next weeks yoga retreat will be reasonably ashtanga based as I don’t want to loose my Supta K again! Backbends were really good too, which doesn’t usually happen after a good Supta K. I must be energised after my ladies holiday! I will probably be as stiff as a board tomorrow.

I can’t quite decide if I prefer ladies’ holiday falling in the week or at the weekend. On the one hand, if it falls at the weekend, I don’t miss much yoga, but on the other hand, I get less lie-in’s in the week; which is an issue at the moment as all the moondays seem to be at weekends too. Anyway, it doesn’t matter that much at all!

I have today booked a flight to Ibiza for a week. I was seriously running out of ideas and inspiration for what to do with my week of leave, and felt that if I didn’t book a flight somewhere, I wouldn’t end up leaving London at all. So, I head off to the sunshine next Saturday – hooray. I have found a possible yoga option too, at a reatreat I have been to before, so I’ll give them a call tomorrow and see what the score is. Now, all I need to worry about is getting my desk clear next week.

I demonstrated my dedication to the ashtanga cause today by going to practice in the rain, when I knew the trains were messed up and I had a day off work.

It was a nice enough practice, although I was ridiculously hot. Back home now with some work to do despite my day off. Off to a wedding this afternoon and the weather is APPALING. I may have to reconsider my cream silk strappy dress. Something like a mac and wellies might be more appropriate.

Another half hour wait this morning, but calmed by the arrival of a friend of mine, so we could chat. She thinks the wait is good for me – how very yogic 😉

Practice was pretty exhausting. I haven’t been to bed early all week, and I really felt like I was paying for it this morning. To make matters worse, my mobile phone had worked its way right under my head in the night and when the alarm went off I woke up with quite a start!

I actually found being in the shala quite calming today, I think this is very dependent on the light, temperature and the number of people hanging around. Some mornings when it is dingy and clammy I don’t get such good vibes. I even managed to get through the door and into the changing cubicle without my glasses steaming up too much today – although I imagine that is probably because it is warmer outside, rather than an indication of the humidity in the shala. Still, it’s nice to be able to see clearly.

My friend told me that someone at the shala asked her if she was a particular blogger – she couldn’t remember which one it was. I am now wondering how many people are blogging at AYL? I only know two others.

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