Too much work, not enough motivation…. been there done that…. now I need to get out of it.

Practice today was good, but finally, and I know the time would come, H came to critique my Bhuja Pindasana. It’s the first chat I have had with him about my practice (other than talking about cramp in my foot!). He tried to get me to place my chin on the floor, which was rather challenging, and also to pick up my feet. This takes me back to the cramp again – I always get cramp in my feet if I try to pick them up from the floor in Bhuja P. Anyway, he suggested that I place my legs lower down my arms and bend my elbows, and also to flex my feet rather than point them. Having the legs lower down my arms did indeed allow me to do a controlled release of my head to the floor rather than a kind of nose dive. I am not sure what I did with my feet – my brain can’t cope with two things as once!! The problem that he then pointed out, is how much more difficult it is to jump out of it when your feet are so close to the floor. It’s something to work on though, which is nice!