I managed to drag myself off my arse again this evening and go for another run. As I had predicted, I was a little stiff today, but just my quads and shins, and nothing too painful. I found it harder to run today, but think I was going a bit faster. I bought a Zen Stone today so I could listen to music whilst I ran, my Muvo seems to have died, that took my mind off it a bit. Yesterday, as I ran I just counted my breathing 1-2-3 all the way through my run. Today I realised that with the distraction of the music that I wasn’t doing that. I did try 1-2-3-4-5, in Ashtanga stylee, for fun, but the breaths were a little long for jogging! Tomorrow I will be running with a friend so I hope she can distract me into running for a little longer.

When I got back I did lots of stretching and also a few back bends. My backbends and forward bends such as Kurmasana are two of my worst things, so I decided to take some pictures to see if I can mark any improvements… I guess I’ll come back to them in 3 months and see how they are going!


Urdhva Dhanurasana

Excuse the socks, messy hair and MP3 player!!!!