For a change, ladies holiday seems to have come at a convenient time – just a few days before the 10K run, and over the morning when I won’t be able to go to the shala anyway.

This evening, I have been for my first training run for the British 10K London Run. I ran for half an hour and covered about 4.5K. Not a personal best, but better than nothing! Since I started morning Mysore on a daily basis about 10 weeks ago, I have pretty much phased out all of the cardio exercise I had been doing. It will be interesting to see if I have lost any cardio fitness. This evening I could have continued running as I wasn’t feeling tired, although my left ankle and right hip flexor were just beginning to complain as I was finishing up.

The group that I am running with don’t seem to have many fit runners anyway, and we are supposed to be running in convoy, so I don’t suppose I will be particularly challenged. It will be a good exercise in non-attachment for me, as I usually like to compete!

Tomorrow I will probably ache.