As I moved from the main room to the finishing room this morning, H asked me if I was just doing a quick practice today. ‘Um, no, this is just how long it takes‘, was my reply. I know that I am the speediest Ashtangini ever (thanks V), but I was just doing my normal practice. Start with Surya Namaskar A and work through to an appalling Supta K, then do backbends and slink off. Anyone with a good memory will remember that I was given Garba Pindasana a few weeks ago by D, but I have removed it again as my supta K is still rubbish! I was also doing Baddha Konasana when I started at AYL, but that left me in so much pain in my hip and lower back that I felt like I could hardly walk out of the shala after practice, so I handed that one back too!

Aside that, practice was nice. I love that quiet Friday feeling in the shala, and got lots of adjustments. I started off with nobody practising around me, and strangely I felt that I was missing some energy – that must sound a bit new age hippy-esque, coming from me, the non believer! I actually felt much more comfortable once someone had put their mat down near to mine (although not too close! see last Thursdays post for my personal space angst!).

So, I managed another 5 practice week – hooray and happy Friday. 😀