I managed to fall over getting onto the bus this morning and scrape my knee. I had already had the indignity of running to get the bus, then when the doors opened, missed my footing, in my flip flops, and literally fell into the bus. It was most embarrassing and has left me with a kiddie style grazed knee. I was wearing filp flops as I had made the last minute decision to paint my toenails to try and cover up the nasty navy stains on them, resulting from being caught in a downpour wearing the navy shoes.

Aside slight discomfort with my knee, practice was OK. After another very quiet day yesterday, the shala seemed to have busied up again today. I was there a bit earlier than usual both today and yesterday, so managed to start immediately in the finishing room, rather than having to wait. For the last two days I have found myself awake at 5.30am, which is really earlier than necessary. Hopefully as the days get shorter again, I will manage to sleep until my alarm goes off.

Provided all goes well tomorrow morning, I will have managed my second 5 practice week! Yay. Next week I have to be at a meeting in Windsor on Tuesday morning so already know that I won’t be at the shala every morning. Boo 😦