I owe apologies to the guy who I accidentally queue jumped in the shala this morning. It was reasonably quiet when I arrived, two people starting in the finishing room and enough room for a third person to start in there. Within a minute, two more were called into the main room so I decided I would hold out for a spot there rather than start in the practice room. A minute or so later, another place was called, so I went in. It then became apparent that someone else was waiting – I don’t know where he was hiding, he hadn’t started in the finishing room and there didn’t seem to be anyone else waiting. Anyway, he said he didn’t mind and I should continue. I suppose he must then have started in the finishing room, but I felt quite guilty because it was a good 10 – 15 minutes before before another space was called. :-s

My practice was fine- I had quite stiff hamstrings, but it didn’t really affect my practice. Generally, I’m finding my right side annoying in Supta K. Although, my right hip is the more open than my left, when I (the adjuster) tries to cross my ankles, my hand grip always starts to slip. I don’t know if this is because they put this leg in second, or if it is because my right shoulder never seems to go far enough under my leg. Anyway, I think a bit more of a squish to the right shoulder is required!

I am trying to snack less this week and not drink coffee – unfortunately, right now, I am ravenous!