My day has raced by so quickly I just don’t know what happened to it. It seems unbelievable that I got up to go to practice 11 hours ago!

I felt quite exhausted this morning, having worked all afternoon yesterday and had a pretty lousy nights sleep. My brain was working over time which resulted in me lying in bed for a couple of hours, totally unable to shut down.

The shala was surprisingly quiet today, I got in, had a choice of spaces to put my mat down and just got on with it. Despite the generally damp weather, the shala was very warm today, so I actually felt pretty flexible. I managed a really good Kurmasana, which L squished me into for more than 5 breaths – excellent. My shoulders were also really open. Usually with the marichis when twisting to the right I have to walk my hand down to my wrist, but today it was easy to just grab. The openness stayed for backbends too. Its nice to have a good day 😀

Now, lets have some sunshine!