My day has been so busy that my practice this morning seems like a lifetime ago! Just stopping to breathe now, eating a super food salad (good) and a carrot cake (not so good). I should be able to start my scheduled days work at about, urmm, 6pm, having fielded other peoples stuff all day. Joy.

Ah, so the practice, I arrived at 7.10 and waited for half an hour for a space. The lovely Vanessa gave me her spot in the closing room so I finally started practice at about 7.40. Thank you V!

My brain was totally hyperactive this morning, and my practice lacked any kind of focus. It was ridiculously hot in the shala too, back bends were really good as a result, but I seemed to be sitting in a pool of my own sweat for most of the seated poses – ughhhhh. I reckon it’s only going to get hotter for the next couple of months – who said British Summer Time was always cold? It may not be sunny, but is is pretty humid.