Ouch, my feet hurt today – I think my wearing in of the new shoes has strained some muscles. My right foot was hurting in downward dog, and during the prasaritas both of them were aching like hell. When I was adjusted in C, I was worried that I might topple over!

Last night I slept like log, I love that feeling of the alarm going off and knowing that you have slept all night – I possibly would prefer it if the alarm didn’t go off at all, but that is not a realistic aspiration!

Practice was OK today, better than yesterday anyway, although I felt a little stiff. I am getting a pain which feels like a stomach muscle pulling, doing Triang mukha on the first side, at the moment, although it may be my body messing with me, because I get the same sensation when I press on my right Longissimus, or some muscle around there! This is interesting though because I was told on Saturday that I have fewer knots than average in the muscles in my back.

At the moment I am having real trouble motivating myself to go to the gym. I used to go every day, then dropped to 3 times a week when I did yoga most evenings. Now that I am practising in the morning, I really don’t feel like going at all. My lunch-break feels too close to my morning practice and the classes after work are scheduled to suit people who finish at 5.30, rather than around 7.00 like me. I am worried that I am not getting enough cardio, and will get flabby thighs!

Further to the size of clothing saga, I have had to buy a new pair of suit trousers, a size 8 to replace a 10. I don’t think I have lost weight since I bought the original pair, but the 10 were getting silly. The 8 feel fine although even after only 3 hours wear they are stretching a bit. I don’t want to have to buy a 6 – this would be a costly mistake at £95 per pair! I had another little spree in Zara the other day too – although their size 10 fits well, all of their trousers seem to be designed for women who are 5’8″ and wear heels!