It was my intention to try and do Friday without either, I lasted for about an hour and a half before running off to Eat for a skinny latte and a toastie – oops. Feel pretty shattered – it has been a long week. I have to sing pretty much all weekend, so not much chance of a rest. I really wanted to collapse into my bed this afternoon, but there was no point in going home because I need to be at rehearsal in the evening, plus have a million and one things to do. So instead, I had a mini-breakdown just thinking about all the things I have to do. Hopefully I am just overtired and some strange moon forces are playing on me. In fact I feel much better now, although, unfortunately the huge mountains of work do not appear to have subsided.

On Wednesday I was a bad Ashtangini (ladies holiday) and went to my old teachers class. From time to time she likes to do a lead second series class, which to be honest, is a bit of a joke. We were a reasonably advanced group, but even still, once we get to Eka Pada Sirsasana, most people start flagging. I am pretty rubbish at kapotasana too I don’t have a natural backbend, and even as bendy as I feel in the evening, my shoulders and chest are just not open enough to do anything useful with this pose yet. It reinforces my appreciation of the Mysore approach! Plus, teacher talks far too much, and I think I have probably commented on that already, since I changed over to Mysore style.

As usual, deviating from my usual repertoire of postures has left me feeling pretty stiff – obliques and muscles in my back are hurting, as are my quads from Laghu Vajrasana and kapotasana.

Back to the shala on Monday – yay, and I think I am brining one of my TT buddies with me 😀 Do I get a brownie point for bringing a new face to the ashtanga cult 😉 ?