June 2007

Too much work, not enough motivation…. been there done that…. now I need to get out of it.

Practice today was good, but finally, and I know the time would come, H came to critique my Bhuja Pindasana. It’s the first chat I have had with him about my practice (other than talking about cramp in my foot!). He tried to get me to place my chin on the floor, which was rather challenging, and also to pick up my feet. This takes me back to the cramp again – I always get cramp in my feet if I try to pick them up from the floor in Bhuja P. Anyway, he suggested that I place my legs lower down my arms and bend my elbows, and also to flex my feet rather than point them. Having the legs lower down my arms did indeed allow me to do a controlled release of my head to the floor rather than a kind of nose dive. I am not sure what I did with my feet – my brain can’t cope with two things as once!! The problem that he then pointed out, is how much more difficult it is to jump out of it when your feet are so close to the floor. It’s something to work on though, which is nice!


There is not enough time in my day for yoga, then work, and a run and choir practice…. and certainly not blogging too.


I managed to drag myself off my arse again this evening and go for another run. As I had predicted, I was a little stiff today, but just my quads and shins, and nothing too painful. I found it harder to run today, but think I was going a bit faster. I bought a Zen Stone today so I could listen to music whilst I ran, my Muvo seems to have died, that took my mind off it a bit. Yesterday, as I ran I just counted my breathing 1-2-3 all the way through my run. Today I realised that with the distraction of the music that I wasn’t doing that. I did try 1-2-3-4-5, in Ashtanga stylee, for fun, but the breaths were a little long for jogging! Tomorrow I will be running with a friend so I hope she can distract me into running for a little longer.

When I got back I did lots of stretching and also a few back bends. My backbends and forward bends such as Kurmasana are two of my worst things, so I decided to take some pictures to see if I can mark any improvements… I guess I’ll come back to them in 3 months and see how they are going!


Urdhva Dhanurasana

Excuse the socks, messy hair and MP3 player!!!!

For a change, ladies holiday seems to have come at a convenient time – just a few days before the 10K run, and over the morning when I won’t be able to go to the shala anyway.

This evening, I have been for my first training run for the British 10K London Run. I ran for half an hour and covered about 4.5K. Not a personal best, but better than nothing! Since I started morning Mysore on a daily basis about 10 weeks ago, I have pretty much phased out all of the cardio exercise I had been doing. It will be interesting to see if I have lost any cardio fitness. This evening I could have continued running as I wasn’t feeling tired, although my left ankle and right hip flexor were just beginning to complain as I was finishing up.

The group that I am running with don’t seem to have many fit runners anyway, and we are supposed to be running in convoy, so I don’t suppose I will be particularly challenged. It will be a good exercise in non-attachment for me, as I usually like to compete!

Tomorrow I will probably ache.


As I moved from the main room to the finishing room this morning, H asked me if I was just doing a quick practice today. ‘Um, no, this is just how long it takes‘, was my reply. I know that I am the speediest Ashtangini ever (thanks V), but I was just doing my normal practice. Start with Surya Namaskar A and work through to an appalling Supta K, then do backbends and slink off. Anyone with a good memory will remember that I was given Garba Pindasana a few weeks ago by D, but I have removed it again as my supta K is still rubbish! I was also doing Baddha Konasana when I started at AYL, but that left me in so much pain in my hip and lower back that I felt like I could hardly walk out of the shala after practice, so I handed that one back too!

Aside that, practice was nice. I love that quiet Friday feeling in the shala, and got lots of adjustments. I started off with nobody practising around me, and strangely I felt that I was missing some energy – that must sound a bit new age hippy-esque, coming from me, the non believer! I actually felt much more comfortable once someone had put their mat down near to mine (although not too close! see last Thursdays post for my personal space angst!).

So, I managed another 5 practice week – hooray and happy Friday. 😀

I managed to fall over getting onto the bus this morning and scrape my knee. I had already had the indignity of running to get the bus, then when the doors opened, missed my footing, in my flip flops, and literally fell into the bus. It was most embarrassing and has left me with a kiddie style grazed knee. I was wearing filp flops as I had made the last minute decision to paint my toenails to try and cover up the nasty navy stains on them, resulting from being caught in a downpour wearing the navy shoes.

Aside slight discomfort with my knee, practice was OK. After another very quiet day yesterday, the shala seemed to have busied up again today. I was there a bit earlier than usual both today and yesterday, so managed to start immediately in the finishing room, rather than having to wait. For the last two days I have found myself awake at 5.30am, which is really earlier than necessary. Hopefully as the days get shorter again, I will manage to sleep until my alarm goes off.

Provided all goes well tomorrow morning, I will have managed my second 5 practice week! Yay. Next week I have to be at a meeting in Windsor on Tuesday morning so already know that I won’t be at the shala every morning. Boo 😦

I owe apologies to the guy who I accidentally queue jumped in the shala this morning. It was reasonably quiet when I arrived, two people starting in the finishing room and enough room for a third person to start in there. Within a minute, two more were called into the main room so I decided I would hold out for a spot there rather than start in the practice room. A minute or so later, another place was called, so I went in. It then became apparent that someone else was waiting – I don’t know where he was hiding, he hadn’t started in the finishing room and there didn’t seem to be anyone else waiting. Anyway, he said he didn’t mind and I should continue. I suppose he must then have started in the finishing room, but I felt quite guilty because it was a good 10 – 15 minutes before before another space was called. :-s

My practice was fine- I had quite stiff hamstrings, but it didn’t really affect my practice. Generally, I’m finding my right side annoying in Supta K. Although, my right hip is the more open than my left, when I (the adjuster) tries to cross my ankles, my hand grip always starts to slip. I don’t know if this is because they put this leg in second, or if it is because my right shoulder never seems to go far enough under my leg. Anyway, I think a bit more of a squish to the right shoulder is required!

I am trying to snack less this week and not drink coffee – unfortunately, right now, I am ravenous!

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