So no yoga for the rest of the week if I follow the ashtanga rules… not pleased. Then on Sunday, I am rehearsing from 10am so I am unlikely to get any yoga done then either.

After last night, I am not sure that anyone would have wanted to practice next to me today anyway, I am sure I was exhaling alcohol when I got up at 6 this morning. As a general rule I try not to drink (much!) if I have yoga in the morning, but under some circumstances a bit of wine is a useful social tool ;). As I result I had a very fun night last night – although I headed home at 10.30 because I was yawning uncontrollably – late night for me, early night for your average person.

I am running the British 10K in 1 months time, so I will try and run every day this week as I shouldn’t be doing yoga, and I suspect jogging doesn’t send my pranic energy in the wrong directions! Wearing a bra at all, even the silly crop top things that I am wearing this week seems to be stopping my back healing, which is annoying. I don’t suppose a sports bra is going to do me much good either, but I can’t run without one!

Right, this post has very little to do with yoga at all, but now I am going to go and chill out and read some of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika as I want to find some additional material for my thesis. Even if I can’t practice asana, I will try and do a little yoga in some context or other…..