to yoga… no just kidding, but I think I had some reaction to that horrible greasy coating they put on new yoga mats. I already washed it once since I got it last week, but practising on it today it still felt greasy, and by the time I got to the seated postures my palms and the soles of my feet felt stingy. This then started on my legs too and my shoulders in savasana. I guess I’ll be giving it another good clean tonight then.

Practice was pretty stiff really and nothing to write home about. I have changed the direction I bind in Supta K as I had previously always been doing it with the same hand on top which was resulting in the joint of one of my fingers starting to hurt. I put the other hand on top today and not only did the bind seem easier, but stronger. Shame the ankles were not wanting to play though!

I can’t go to the shala tomorrow morning, so will have to practice at home – hopefully I will be motivated enough to get out of bed and do it.

I have installed Windows Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 on my laptop and am having no end of problems getting online – Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn’t. I can’t find the firewall settings and the diagnostic tells me that my router is connected to the internet but the firewall is preventing the connection. ARGHHHHH I will throw it out of the window tonight if I can’t get it to work. Even considering taking another lap top home tonight, just in case I can’t get it working for tomorrow.