I tried to do a more leisurely practice today, and did managed to spend about an hour and a half in the shala. It could have been more leisurely had I not decided to be incredibly lazy and wait for a bus which stops directly outside the tube station, rather then get on the first one that came but which stops about 200m from the station. I waited 10 minutes for that bus, then missed the train by seconds. Never mind – embrace the inner calm, I won’t let that get to me…. I tried to breathe really slowly and also did half vinyasas between sides. Something that I usually avoid, both as a time saving exercise and because I think my shoulders are bulky enough already.

I felt really quite stiff today, I don’t know if that was because I had felt open yesterday and stretched more than usual, or it it was from the step class at lunch time. I was also at the end of the room under the window, so it wasn’t that warm.

I practice in gym clothes today and wasn’t very happy with them. My top with build in bra felt really uncomfortable, and the fabric doesn’t really absorb the sweat very well. Must be more organised and actually wash yoga kit at the weekend.

Today was my last day with the old mat. I have been leaving bits of green foam all over the place. During the closing sequence I saw that it was on my neighbour too – oops, sorry. The new mat has now been washed and is drying ready for next week. hopefully after the mat clear-out at the end of the month there might be room for me to leave my mat at the shala, rather than lug it around with me every day!