Too much rushing… I got up nice and early this morning – had to peel the eyes open again, but I feel ok. 7 hours good sleep is much better than 8 hours interrupted! Without noticing, I really must have done my practice pretty quickly – I didn’t realise until I saw V at the end of my practice that I had literally raced through in an hour, about the same amount of time she spent doing her closing!! It would be nice if I could indulge in a nice slow practice; but current circumstances don’t really allow, so it is a race through most of primary a quick closing and a micro savasana for me.

Choir last night was great, although after a year off, my voice felt a bit tired. I had forgotten how much of a feel good I get from singing through a beautiful piece of music, like Elgar, with 120 other people. It was good to catch up with old friends, and meet some new people who have joined in the last year. I would have loved to have gone out for food with them all after rehearsal, but a Wagamama dinner after 9pm on a ‘yoga night‘ just wouldn’t be a good idea. So, for now, yoga comes before social life! I was very pleased to see that the next moonday falls the morning after karaoke-rockstar night… I suspect that I may be a little worse for wear after this!

Not much really to report about my practice. D was there waiting for me today for Utthita Hasta… at this rate I am never going to have to balance on my own in this again!! Great 😀 Anyway, without my glasses on my balance is rubbish anyway; although I have noticed how much I rely on lip reading when I talk to someone. I keep having to get D to repeat herself because I just can’t work out what she is saying in the hushed tones of the shala, if I can’t focus on her lips. Good Supta K today, and I have been re-given garba pindasana, which I had taken away from my practice, pending an improvement! Can’t say I am really relishing Gaba Pindasana again, it always strikes me as a bit silly. Also concerned about being given baddha konasana as this was what aggravated my hip/bum/lower back before.