This time last year I was about to go on holiday to Thailand, to spend 3 weeks with ‘the Ex’ having not seen him for 4 whole months. How things have changed.

This time in 1991 I was studying for my A levels, happily in love with my first serious boyfriend, I had been punting with my new school friends, all I was worried about was that I was supposed to be home at 11pm, but didn’t get back until 11.40… what a rebel I was. Times really have changed.

I typed a few lines in here, but none of them could really express quite what I wanted to convey; so saying nothing will have to say it all this time.

This morning everything was normal, practice seems to be coming easily this week. I am not sure why, maybe next week my back will be stiff, my hips tight. Who knows? Every morning I, or probably we, the ashtangis, assess ourselves, our practices, how our bodies are feeling. I don’t remember doing this ‘before yoga’.

I went to the cinema this evening to see The Namesake. A nice story but not particularly gripping, just life really. There was some nice footage of India. Seeing the Taj Mahal makes me want to go back. Re-live the feeling of freedom that I had as I sat in the sunshine watching the world go by. Just me. No body to answer to, no schedules to adhere to. Just me and 3 months of freedom ahead of me. Just for a moment here and there I want to jack it all in, ditch the job, the flat, my life and just go and be free for a little bit longer.