This morning has been a bit of a rush. I got up very slightly later than usual. My lovely downstairs neighbour prepared me a fantastic dinner last night as she had the day off work and I have been chained to my desk, but it ended up in a late night.

I got to the shala at 7.25 and had to wait 20 minutes for a space – I haven’t seen it so busy before. I had a nice practice – back bending improving again after a few days of being rubbish (before my week off!). I had to do the worlds fastest finishing and savasana in order to get to work on time. Then got to the tube station and found delays due to a person taken ill on a train. When I finally got to the gym for my shower I realised that I had no clean underwear with me – STUPID – so currently have no bra (oh dear) and my gym pants on. Due to the general running late-ness I didn’t even have time to pop into a shop any buy any.

I have my final TT session this weekend. I don’t think my teacher is so happy with me now that I have stopped classes with her and started at AYL. The last time I saw her she said “you are an ashtanga robot, there is no hope for you”…..