After all of the various legitimate reasons why I didn’t get to practice for most of last week, I got up this morning with a cold. I did get out my mat and start my practice, but not being able to breathe through my nostrils made everything feel out of whack. I can’t do ashtanga and not ujjai. Anyway, I messed around a bit and did some stretching and some inversions, which seemed to clear my nasal passages a bit. Hopefully all will be functioning normally tomorrow.

Now I am taking my first break from working this morning. I managed to concentrate for an hour – it is amazing what a difference having peace and quiet around you makes when trying to get work done. I am also listening to Santana whilst working, which is nice. 🙂

My mind is a mess with thoughts and ideas at the moment. Lots of ideas about work keep popping into my mind – I have a notebook in bed at the moment to pen my night time thoughts – not healthy, I am sure! Somehow I need to chill out a bit, but not sure how or when that will happen. I wake up at 6am pretty much every day and my brain is switched on. Socially, things are interesting, but when I feel exhausted by my own compulsion to work, sometimes it is hard to find the strength to work on other things that matter.

Oh well, enough musing, back to work; for what else is there to be done on a dreary bank holiday Monday in London?