Everything so far today has annoyed me.
1. that I just missed a bus
2. that the shala is manic on Wednesdays
3. that I had virtually no room to move on my mat
4. that the guy next to me had either a cold or bad hayfever and snotted his way through his practice
5. that the person next to me didn’t just ujjai but Darth vadered her way through the finishing sequence whilst I was in savasana
6. the people who walk really slowly in and around tube stations
7. that I didn’t hang up my now very creased blouse whilst I was practising
8. the number of buttons on my blouse which are IMPOSSIBLE to do up
9. the inane chat going on

I don’t know why I feel so wound up. I nearly got up and ran out after the standing poses. I don’t think having people so close to my personal space helped.

Oh well, back to work.

p.s. sorry snotty man and ms Vader – you normally wouldn’t get to me!