The train was on time today; but I had to wait for a while for a space at the shala. In the grand scheme of things, I doesn’t really matter. I just have to learn to take time less seriously. I like to be at work by 9.30, but it doesn’t REALLY matter if I am a bit later. But I suppose (British) society drums into us that we should ‘be on time’ for things. I hate lateness, and I suppose some of the time I impose my own deadlines for things in my day. I must get to yoga by 7.15. I must leave the shala by 9.00. I must be at work by 9.30. It is artificial, and it makes me feel stressed if I can’t fulfil these goals, but at the same time it a routine and it makes me feel secure. Weird thing the human mind.

I like routine; a friend asked me yesterday if I was still going to morning yoga? Of course, I answered. Once I have decided that I will do something, I will keep on doing it, day in day out, until I come up with a new routine. I find habits hard to break. Does that make me an ideal candidate for an Ashtanga obsession?

I felt really tired when I wrenched myself out of bed this morning. I can’t decide if this was because it was quite dark again, or if it was because I had slept for a little longer than usual. Perhaps that extra half hour puts me back into a deeper sleep cycle?

My practice felt quite good. It usually does when I feel tired. Probably because my expectations are lower when my brain is telling my that my body wants to take it easy. I had some great adjustments from D; supta K was rubbish today though. Backbends are still going well. I am becoming more accustomed to back bends in the mornings… either that, or it was just because I was so hot!