This blog could turn into a record of the departure schedule of Hammersmith and City line trains circa 6.50am…. the train this morning didn’t leave on schedule – nothing new there.

Anyway, onto all things yoga. I felt very stiff today, perhaps as a result of not doing yoga yesterday. I am deviating from the usual ashtanga schedule of taking Saturday off, and taking Sunday off instead so that I can do my old Saturday class with ‘my teacher’.

D did a great job of getting me into Supta K today, really getting my shoulders under my thighs. I was there for rather a long time as she wanted R to help squish me too, but it’s all good – I need all the help I can get!

I have managed to have a wardrobe disaster this morning – I either have the wrong shoes or wrong trousers on…. basically the heels are too high for the length of the trousers. D’oh. My shirt is also a disaster. But enough of this – surely being yogic such things as ones appearance shouldn’t really matter?