I didn’t feel calm this morning when I missed my train. This was directly as a result of the bus driver who decided, for no apparent reason, to pull over to the side of the road and stop for a few minutes along the journey. The result was that I missed my train by about 5 seconds….. the next train didn’t leave on schedule, so I was 20 minutes later than normal arriving. As I grumped my way to the shala I was trying to think of ways to make my practice quicker – could I cut each pose down to 4 breaths, should I just breath a little faster, or just finish sooner. My mornings are meticulously timed and 20 minutes are precious.

Despite all of the thoughts running through my head, I did do my normal practice. I had a good sleep last night and felt quite energised this morning, sadly my energised muscles were not feeling like being flexible ones. For some reason I really couldn’t bind Mari D on my second side (usually my easier side) until after some really intense stretching and twisting. I also fell flat on my arse coming out of bhuja pindasana…. hips and hamstrings getting tighter? My body does seem to be getting a bit more used to morning backbends though.

After 6 weeks of being woken up by the sun rising, I finally got around to putting up the blind in my bedroom last night. I must say, I felt much more disturbed waking up this morning than I have up until now. Maybe I’ll leave the blind open unless I need a lie in. The advantage of a 7th floor flat is that I don’t need the blind to stop people seeing in!