My new shoes have turned my feet blue – even through my tights šŸ˜¦ Despite a good scrub this morning, they still looked dirty at yoga – so, anyone who saw me and thought how revolting I am – I did try!

When I arrived at the shala this morning, I felt a real calmness come over me. I don’t know if this was because today I was wearing my contact lenses and not struggling to see through my steamed up glasses. Anyway, whatever it was, I got a nice warm feeling. I arrived about half an hour earlier that usual too – it was a bit busier, but I was lucky and got a spot quickly – I felt a bit guilty for the gentleman who arrived at the same time as me and kindly offered me to go first, he was still waiting when I had finished all of my Surya Namaskar.

For the first time at AYL, someone noticed my terribly tight shoulders… and there I was thinking I had got away with it. I have been advised that my whole practice must now focus on relaxing them; good luck to me, I say…. I find it almost impossible. Perhaps someone can botox them for me šŸ˜‰

Last night I ran though my TT assessment class with my friendly neighbour who is a yoga teacher. She thought it went well, but said that I talked too much. I then read V’s post last night, so I am feeling really conscious about cutting out the chat….