This is a size that should exist. Although I have no yoga to write about today, I am being bugged by the size of clothing at the moment and I blame this primarily on yoga. I was a comfortable size 10 for years, but when I took up Ashtanga I lost a little bit of weight. Now I am in between a size 8 and a 10. Mostly it is my quads which are the problem, an 8 fits the waist fine, but is always too tight around the leg. A 10 tends to be to baggy and has material for hips that I don’t have. According to figures I have found on the internet, there is a 2 inch increase in size between each dress size – that can make a lot of difference.

I put on weight when I was travelling, so perhaps I will lose some more now that I am back, and will fit into an 8? I certainly can’t eat any more than I do now, so I don’t suppose I am going to grow back into a 10.

Right – better get on with work – I have lots of it to do, and should be taking advantage of this early start in the office to get it done….