I had to do a short practice today, both I and the tube seemed to be suffering from delays this morning. Not sure what the tube’s problem was, but mine might have been related to the 4 vodka tonics consumed last night… I did have a couple of moments where I thought about not doing yoga, but I missed practising yesterday because I was at a wedding, and it’s moonday tomorrow.

The plus side to the shortened practice was that I didn’t do baddha konasana, and as a result my hip/back/bum isn’t really hurting today. It hurts a little when coming up from the standing forward bends, but hopefully if I am gentle on myself for the next few days, it will sort itself out.

As I get more accustomed to my surroundings at AYL I have started to notice how many of the yogis have really amazing practices – it’s quite inspirational! I have also noticed, as previously pointed out by V, that not all of my fellow practitioners are that great on the nose…