Having a long weekend was lovely – being back in the office with the prospect of a second four day week is not so fun. 5 days worth of work, 4 days to do it in, and assistant off sick. I try to put to the back of my mind the statistic in the paper this morning that 12% of days taken off work are not for genuine illness…..

Practice has been sporadic. Thursday was great, the warm weather left me feeling really open, even the dreaded backbends were easy. The class at Triyoga was fun and focussed on the end of primary. My friend really enjoyed it too. Not sure how good the subsequent consumption of wine was though.

I dropped out of the Easter weekend workshop and ended up not practising on Friday at all (that might have something to do with the wine). I went to my usual class on Saturday and had a hideous practice, one of those ‘body hijacked by pensioner’ practices where all movement seems impossible. I face planted twice, once doing a silly side crow variation, and again coming up into kukkutasana from gaba pindasana. Only one bruise fortunately and that was on my arm.

Back to the mat tomorrow.