I am so tired today – I even had 8 hours sleep. I think I don’t sleep properly when I am dehydrated, which seems to happen regularly if I do an evening practice.

I think that last night will be the last night with ‘my teacher’ (does that make sense grammatically?). It was a nice class. I was really, really tired when I arrived, but left feeling energised. I cancelled the workshop with Ed Clarke this weekend, I really need a lie-in. Plus I feel like I am getting a cold, and also want to go and hang out at the river on Saturday and watch the boat-race. What has happened, rowing over yoga!! Teacher even offered to give me my money back if she can fill my place.

I tried to shop last night, but didn’t buy anything. They only had the shoes in pink or blue, so I wasn’t tempted. I tried on some other killer heels, they really would have killed my Achilles, so I didn’t buy them. Otherwise I was uninspired. I really must have been tired.

I am taking a friend to an Ashtanga class at Triyoga-Soho tonight, hopefully she will enjoy it. My body is screaming for rest, but hopefully I’ll make it through.