Ok, I have calmed down now. I realised whilst contemplating the whole yoga thing yesterday, that I probably don’t have to practice with ‘my teacher’ any more. When I got home I got my diary out and began to log my yoga hours since I started my TT course. I have accumulated 209 contact hours and 130 non contact hours, which is more than enough to fulfil the 200 hour requirement. All I need to do now is write my thesis, which I have decided I will do on ‘The use of yoga to compliment modern medical practices’, and do my assessment class. So, there is nothing stopping me from making the switch to Mysore style now and seeing if it suits me better in my London environment. It is probably time I shook up my routine a little bit anyway, and I would love to get yoga ‘out of the way’, as it were, before work and have some free evenings.

I went to C’s class last night, and as usual it was a delight. She also gave me some constructive comments about teaching, which I hope will help me to adapt my class a little and make it more fluffy around the edges. My practice was pretty horrid though; despite how open my back bends felt a couple of weeks ago, everything seems to have seized up again. I need a strong dynamic class to feel open enough to back bend.

Without sounding like a certain of the ‘other’ Ashtanga blogs out there, I actually seem to be in contact with 3 nice sounding guys from the internet dating website – shock horror! I will resist calling them A, B and C….. All I need to do now is work out if I actually have time to meet any of them!