April 2007

Not much to say about today really!


My breath was all over the place today. Sneaking in extras in the Surya Namaskar Bs; and generally panting like a dog! Practice was 10 minutes quicker as a result!! Must make a note in case I am ever running late again 😉

On the positive side, it was lovely and calm in the shala today – it seems that some yogis don’t like to practice on a Friday….

Everything so far today has annoyed me.
1. that I just missed a bus
2. that the shala is manic on Wednesdays
3. that I had virtually no room to move on my mat
4. that the guy next to me had either a cold or bad hayfever and snotted his way through his practice
5. that the person next to me didn’t just ujjai but Darth vadered her way through the finishing sequence whilst I was in savasana
6. the people who walk really slowly in and around tube stations
7. that I didn’t hang up my now very creased blouse whilst I was practising
8. the number of buttons on my blouse which are IMPOSSIBLE to do up
9. the inane chat going on

I don’t know why I feel so wound up. I nearly got up and ran out after the standing poses. I don’t think having people so close to my personal space helped.

Oh well, back to work.

p.s. sorry snotty man and ms Vader – you normally wouldn’t get to me!

I have to add here just how much I love The Girls Online blog. There have been a few posts about internet dating, which, due to my current single status, I find pretty relevant and rather amusing. The post D’s Dates I found to be pretty true of my experiences also. Loving the final paragraph of that entry too!

The train was on time today; but I had to wait for a while for a space at the shala. In the grand scheme of things, I doesn’t really matter. I just have to learn to take time less seriously. I like to be at work by 9.30, but it doesn’t REALLY matter if I am a bit later. But I suppose (British) society drums into us that we should ‘be on time’ for things. I hate lateness, and I suppose some of the time I impose my own deadlines for things in my day. I must get to yoga by 7.15. I must leave the shala by 9.00. I must be at work by 9.30. It is artificial, and it makes me feel stressed if I can’t fulfil these goals, but at the same time it a routine and it makes me feel secure. Weird thing the human mind.

I like routine; a friend asked me yesterday if I was still going to morning yoga? Of course, I answered. Once I have decided that I will do something, I will keep on doing it, day in day out, until I come up with a new routine. I find habits hard to break. Does that make me an ideal candidate for an Ashtanga obsession?

I felt really tired when I wrenched myself out of bed this morning. I can’t decide if this was because it was quite dark again, or if it was because I had slept for a little longer than usual. Perhaps that extra half hour puts me back into a deeper sleep cycle?

My practice felt quite good. It usually does when I feel tired. Probably because my expectations are lower when my brain is telling my that my body wants to take it easy. I had some great adjustments from D; supta K was rubbish today though. Backbends are still going well. I am becoming more accustomed to back bends in the mornings… either that, or it was just because I was so hot!

Me – Why am I so impatient?
CK – Because you are Clare.

Oh, ok then ….

I think I need some more yoga – those citta vritti are getting to me again.

This blog could turn into a record of the departure schedule of Hammersmith and City line trains circa 6.50am…. the train this morning didn’t leave on schedule – nothing new there.

Anyway, onto all things yoga. I felt very stiff today, perhaps as a result of not doing yoga yesterday. I am deviating from the usual ashtanga schedule of taking Saturday off, and taking Sunday off instead so that I can do my old Saturday class with ‘my teacher’.

D did a great job of getting me into Supta K today, really getting my shoulders under my thighs. I was there for rather a long time as she wanted R to help squish me too, but it’s all good – I need all the help I can get!

I have managed to have a wardrobe disaster this morning – I either have the wrong shoes or wrong trousers on…. basically the heels are too high for the length of the trousers. D’oh. My shirt is also a disaster. But enough of this – surely being yogic such things as ones appearance shouldn’t really matter?

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