I am starting to feel tired. I think, as a general rule, I always feel like this, so until I took a three month break, it just felt like normal. Now I am noticing it and I don’t really like it. Life always seems to involve dashing from one place to another to get things done. This can’t be a good way to live, but what other way is there?

I have to work in the day, I can’t work less than the hours I do now and get my job done. So, the job won’t give, therefore, if I am to have more free time to relax I would have to give up yoga, or singing, or seeing my friends (or paying the bills, buying food, cooking meals, doing laundry!). I expect lots of people feel like this, it’s not good.

Thinking back to my three months off, I spent a lot of my first 6 weeks asleep (on the beach, granted). I didn’t read any books, I just didn’t have the energy. Once I was on the sand, the eyes just closed. After that period, I felt more energised, started partying, probably partly because I actually had the energy to stay up and socialise.

It wasn’t until the last couple of weeks of my trip that I actually felt refreshed. Able to spend a day just chilling out and reading, in essence, enjoying my free time because it was free. Not desperately needing it to recharge my batteries.

But I can’t take three months off every year. I don’t want to give up my hobbies, and I can’t afford to quit my job. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to be tired then.