Awake at 4.45 am…. not good, I have been awake since about 3 and have given up fighting it. Was it that sneaky MochaLatte that I drank before my yoga class last night? I wonder. The class went well, there isn’t much more to say about it really.

I was pleased yesterday to hear from a friend that I made when I was in Thailand. He was keen to take up yoga and I did some basic Ashtanga with him for a week in TNP. He has now signed up at Triyoga on a beginners yoga course. It makes me happy to think that I have given someone else the desire to bring yoga into their life. I think that was all I was looking to achieve by taking the TT course.

Other than yoga, you may (or may not!) want an update on the internet dating! I have had quite a few e mails, from people who seem to be nice, but I am not sure I have clicked with anyone yet. It’s hard to find the enthusiasm to write a sparkling e mail at the end of a day when you are tired. I imagine it would take someone quite special to give you that buzz over the internet that you would get if you met someone you really liked in the flesh. I also get the impression that men like to make the first move…. either that or the three people I sent e mails to didn’t like the look of me!