I am disappointed with myself. I went out on Friday night and got so drunk that I couldn’t make it to yoga on Saturday morning – I have never done that before. I won’t say I regret my night out, I don’t think regret is an emotion which is anything but destructive, but when I reflect on it, I didn’t gain anything by being so drunk, I just felt rough in the morning.

I didn’t make it to AYL this weekend either, partly due to being a lazy bum, and partly for financial reasons. I did practice though so I am happy with that. Yoga with my present teacher is paid for until 30th May 2007, and basically I have NO MONEY at the moment having paid for the redecoration of my flat, getting my car running again and other expenditures. Although I want to do Mysore style practice, I think it will have to wait until June, when I will have to start paying for my classes again anyway. Boo. I wish I could win the lottery, then I wouldn’t have to work so much, would have more time for yoga and wouldn’t have to worry about how much I pay for it.

Ohh and that reminds me that I need to pay up for the Tripsichore workshop with Ed Clarke. I am not sure that it is really ‘yoga’, more like acrobatics; but it looks like jolly good fun, if I can actually do any of it.