I have been thinking quite a lot about Vanessa’s post and comments on the TBB message board. Although I am of the opinion that different kinds of yoga work for different people, and that some people really enjoy a led class, I think Vanessa is right about sticking to a style and to a guru and making it work for them. (Not really able to verbalise what I want to say here – too late at night and too tired.) Also, I think everyone should give self practice a go. The longer I am away from it, the more I miss it. I really found tonight that I couldn’t get into any kind of flow doing the led class. Sometimes I felt I was in the postures too long, others were too short. I didn’t know what was coming next, I had no focus, citta vrtti, citta vritti, citta vrtti…. Maybe that was related to my mood today, and the sugar rush from too much cake this afternoon and the subsequent coffee that I had to try and wake myself up from the slump….. but really I felt as though I should have been doing Ashtanga, I could have got a flow going, let my mind settle a little. Very soon I am going to try and go to Ashtanga Yoga London, maybe even as soon as this Sunday, but sometimes it can take a bit of a shove to get me into somewhere new… we’ll see. My TT is over in just over a months time, so I need to take the plunge.

I have been thinking a lot about teaching, and although I have enjoyed what I have done, I absolutely don’t feel ‘qualified’ to teach anyone. Part of me feels that if I can help get one person interested in yoga (and ultimately to be taught by a proper teacher) then that is a good thing, but I still have too much to learn. I didn’t take the TT course because I wanted to teach yoga, but because I wanted to learn more about yoga, the history behind it, read the sutras and The Bagavad Gita and have a forum to discuss them with people who are interested in sharing their ideas and interpretations. Wah, I think I am getting carried away now.

On a lighter and non-yogic note, I have had a number of emails already from the internet dating site. I am not sure that I like the look of any of the people though. I am trying not to be dismissive of people based on their profile or their appearance, but I think I am. I am really sceptical about the whole thing, if I am honest. I will persist, I have nothing to lose! My quandary for the day was what to do with an e mail from a person you are not interested in. Just ignore or reply along the lines of ‘I am sorry to advise you that your application to get to know Clare has been declined. She will retain your information and pass it on to any other interested parties….’ ohh, and on that note, another e mail has just come in – I’d better read it!