Tonight was another led primary class, taken really, really slowly. It was quite enjoyable as I was feeling really open. Back-bends were fab, no pinching in the lumber spine, really open in the chest…. something I cannot achieve at all in the morning. We only got up to the Marichis but I snuck in a kurmasana at the end because I am worried that if I don’t do it every day I will get crap at it again!

I also went to the gym today and had to do gym stuff as the Body Combat class was full. I did a run then some leg weight stuff. I cut out weights about 14 months ago as my yoga teacher didn’t think it was doing me any good, and I have to say that I noticed how much less strong my legs are than they were before. I am tempted to put in one leg work out per week now…. I think the cutting out of weights was suppose to reduce teh bulk in my shoulders, but actually, I think my arms are actually much stronger now from all of the vinyasas than they ever were when I lifted weight!

The songs that I am loving today are Ghosts – stay the night and Gwen Stefani – have had them on repeat pretty much all day!