Or more precisely, lack of it. I have found this first week back at work really quite challenging, and particularly getting into the routine of fitting everything into my life. My schedule is always pretty hectic, and I think becoming mega organised again is going to take some time. Obviously having 3 months of never having to plan anything at all has taken its toll.

My yoga practice has been pretty shoddy – I am really missing being able to do a morning practice and am considering trying to do a Mysore class somewhere on Tuesdays and Fridays, but it will take some effort as there isn’t anywhere particularly convenient to do so between here and work.

So, I did do yoga on Monday, then again on Saturday – but Saturdays class was pretty rubbish – and that isn’t in reference to my practice either. Also feeling fat and blobby so need to get on that mat and into the gym.

I’m also finding the lack of constant social stimulation pretty depressing. I was out meeting people every night for 3 months and now I am missing it. Although with a house to maintain and a job to hold down, it would be a bit difficult to go out every night even if I wanted to. I had high hopes for my planned night out yesterday, but it turned out to be a bit of an anti-climax – I did see plenty of people I hadn’t seen for months, but didn’t meet anyone new (although there were lots of people there – it was a birthday do). In London, people don’t stray from their friendship groups the way they do when they are travelling. Proposed solution is internet dating and speed dating…. the signs of a desperate woman – lol.