My first day back in the office today. It wasn’t so bad, and although they had tried to make it look like I didn’t have much to do, once I got all of the files out, and got given bits and pieces by everyone, I ended up with a HUGE stack of things to do – boo.

I went to the gym at lunch time, then went to yoga in the evening. It is really strange doing a led primary class again. I am so used to just getting on with it, that waiting around for a teacher to tell me what to do feels quite unnatural. It also struck me that this is my first evening practice in months. And certainly my first practice after a demanding day! Although my body is much more flexible in the evenings, I forgot how much more draining it feels than a morning practice. I am certain that once my apprenticeship ends in May, that I will change to Mysore style.

I have my practice class on 19th May, and my teaching assessment on 21st April. I am not feeling nervous about it at the moment, especially after all of the teaching practice I got whilst I was away. I also need to write my thesis. I was going to write about yoga as a complimentary therapy, and had bought a good book about this in India, but at the moment the book is still somewhere being shipped between here and Singapore. I actually thought yesterday that I might write about the Bagavad Gita and how it’s interpretation ties in with Patanjali’s yoga sutras. I particularly like chapter 2 of The Gita, so I might focus on that.