December 2006

I leave tomorrow, in 24 hours time I will be on my way to Delhi… I am still not quite ready to go, and the to do list for tomorrow before I go to the airport is quite daunting. I need to finish off some work tonight too – and i just want to go to sleep now…

I managed to practice today and it was good, so I am pleased. I suspect for the next 10 days it will just be self practice, although I will try and hunt out somewhere to practice with other people!

Sometimes having a few days of sucky practice seems to make things better – or maybe its just all comparative.

Ahh well, better get on and do some work – BOO HISS


Yoga this week has sucked. I haven’t done enough of it, and when I have, factors beyond my control have made it bad. I shall try not to attach to this…. in 3 days I am off any my practice will be my own.

Whilst I travel, I will be blogging here so come, read and enjoy!