I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired…. I don’t want to think about how many hours I have been in the office this week. I have two days left and have a desire to clear my desk, but the problem is that things keep landing on it! I fear I will be working into the wee small hours tomorrow night. I will certainly deserve my break!

My trip is finally taking shape – I booked another hotel yesterday, one that costs more in the £20 per night mark, so it seems that it will be of good standard (comparatively speaking!) – hopefully it will have wi-fi, but I won’t get my hopes up about that too much! The booking procedure seemed a bit dodgy – the man on the phone asked me when I was arriving, if I wanted a/c and what my name was. I am however more confident that the airport pickup will happen as the man in the ‘travel centre’ seemed more reliable so at least I know I will get to the hotel. I will definitely be calling on Tuesday to confirm my reservation!

I have also put together a rough plan of where I am going to be when, which is as follows:-

Dec 6 – 15th Delhi
Dec 15 – Jan 6 Palolem
Jan 7 – Jan 10 Mumbai
Jan 10 – Jan 13 Bangkok
Jan 13- Jan 20 Yoga Thailand
Jan 20- Jan 21 Bangkok
Jan 21 – Jan 26 Jakarta
Jan 27 – Feb 7 Jungle yoga
Feb- 7 – 27 Thailand/Cambodia? etc
Feb 27 – Mar 1 Delhi
Mar 1 Fly home

The two retreats I haven’t booked, so are subject to availability… but that works out at about 6 weeks of retreating in a 12 week break, which isn’t bad going. I am still undecided about Mysore, its still a possibility for February – and it’s something I am really torn over, I do want to go, but there are so other places I want to go to as well…. decisions decisions.

I have also pretty much organised to meet a friend for the week at Yoga Thailand, which will be great 😀

I did go to practice last night, I struggled through the standing poses, then gave up due to my typhoid arm hurting too much. I helped adjust for the rest of the class; so the evening was not a total waste!

And now, work…..