I had my typhoid shot last night and now my arm really hurts… feel like I was punched very hard. I normally sleep on my left hand side, so ended up waking up numerous times during the night as I rolled over and it hurt…. hopefully it will loosen up later and I will manage to do some yoga.

Last night I spent 4 1/2 hours setting up my travel laptop with everything I need. A clean re-install followed by downloading about 100 updates – oh, how I love Microsoft…. NOT. It is an old laptop, but half the size of the one I have at home, and conveniently fits into the detachable daysack for my rucksack. Today all I need to do is update the Wifi drivers and hopefully I will be ready to go. (oh, and copy some music onto it…). It better not get stolen after all this effort!

Still shed loads of work to do and my nice early start was ruined by the District line, which was not running at all. BOO HISS – refund form, here we come.